Iphone Stencil Kit please..

Just what I need, a stencil to help with iphone interface design.

Iphone and more stencil kits found here.

Folding Plug Wins Design Award

Last night, Britain's most prestigious design prize was awarded to a plug. At a ceremony at the Design Museum, the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year award was carried off by an unknown Korean who only graduated from the Royal College of Art last summer. Min-Kyu Choi was probably not the first person to notice the disparity between his Macbook Air laptop (thin enough to slide into a manila envelope) and the plug attached to it (so bulky you need a duffel bag). But he was certainly the first to sit down and redesign the plug so that it folds flat. This piece of electrical origami says all you need to know about the power of designers to transform our everyday world.

Personally, i think it will stop those unfortunate times when i don't have my glasses on and stand on an upturned plug, oouch! 


This was in the Metro today..

PixieTea uses apps such as drum mieser, bassist, iDrum, NlogSynthersiser, NEsynth and iShred to create her music. Soon to come app for Twiggy and the k messons if i can ever get my head around x code.



listening to Sebastian Tellier lead me to this

I can find myself listening to a piece of music, next minute i'm browsing through artists and designers from the album covers. I love this work by Stephane Manel.  They say never judge a book by its cover, well I do. 



New England Kit with development process, designed by Aitor Throup.
Take a look at their studio on their website www.umbro.com


My First Typeface