Twiggy & The K Messons

1 Day Brief.

Twiggy and The k Messons is a Birmingham based group who are looking to broaden their horizons in terms of " the Visual spectacle " I had a few ideas for this, but the best one came in the form of creating an App for the group. The App would fit the style and sound of the way he likes to perform in his videos and work well as promotion and raise the profile of his music.
I am currently working on learning the process of creating an Application for an iphone or ipod touch.



i'll be supporting Movember! ...or tyring - I love the idea of bumping into someone in the street and recognising that they are supporting the charity too, or even just admiring an amazing moustache.



I am part of a creative group set up by a group of
students in our 2nd year of university called GASH.
GASH is a collaborative group of thinkers, designers, crafters and illustrators, joined together by our passion for all things creative.What we produce is a broad range of designs to suit all tastes from the decorative and pleasing to the eye, to the shocking and controversial. Our intention is for you to remember us. We currently have an exhibition of work in Urban Outfitters, Birmingham - which will be there for the month. Enjoy!

For information on our latest projects