Royal Wedding - commemorative plates

more of these can be seen on Creative Reviews blog.  This is my favorite.


VW Christmas Card


Info Graphics adaptation - Thomas Nilsson



Lets get our name in lights..

currently working on tightening up the branding for Johnny Casio, producing a brand guidelines publication soon.. Soon our name will be everywhere. In lights?? maybe.


Books still Exist !

I don't care how old I am, I want this book. 

Below a Typographic read about finding the perfect Typeface that shall be finding my bookshelf soon.
Video about 'Just My Type' with author Simon Garfield



There's always another way!

I came across this the other day, really interesting way of using photography for print. 

Exquisite hand jobs.. well Typography


What are the rest of us doing?

Pete martin is currently in Germany on a 6 month placement.. working with a a little known brand, adidas.
above is some of the work coming out after his first week.

Ask Reeves


Somerset Gryphons ( Self Concept Brief )

Now Live!  www.somerset-gryphons.co.uk

Made by Drink Tea Eat Biscuits who have a new website to their names.


Introductory Media


'Flight' BIAD Visual Communication Gradshow '10

This was my display for our Grad show.. Communicating Ideas is the name of the game.


A gift from 'A Real Lifestyle'

A massive thank you to A Real lifestyle for my pillow. This is the brand created by recent graduate Dorian Rose. The quality of the product is second to none and sure to go far. Check out more of his work...

Angelos Epithemiou

On the back of the BBC show Shooting stars an emerging comedian has appeared to my attention.

Angelos Epithemiou

this interactive section on his blog is a good example of merging medias to promote the comedian off the back of the show. The short films have been terribly directed but maybe this was the desired effect. They break many rules of thumb such as crossing the line and the editing makes me cringe. however i do love angelos.



Yogabugs concept flyer


Johnny Casio ..Winning awards

Were now the proud owners of the 2010 Brian award for entrepreneurship. Bring on the coming months and years. Also well done to Pete Martin for securing a 6 month internship in Germany with adidas.

iwatch concept

hmm... ?



Spaghetti Junction

Here's a double page spread i did recently for Spaghetti Junction magazine

Personality Test

Maybe i should be more Conscientious... Cheers Rob. 


Why am i a Designer?

Found this today, how fitting. Maybe not the kerning bit!


The Styrobot is made up from waste packaging collected over 5 years.


Little White Lies

Picked this little mini-mag from Created in birmingham last week. Shame it won't be open much longer.


Album Cover Idea

pretty rough ideas at the moment but this design looks good printed glossy.

Branding Michael Valentine West

I haven't put much print on here for a while and have been getting carried away and distracted by video.
.. heres a concept mock for a print piece to represent michael valentine west ( twiggy and the k mesons ) as a brand. 

Bjork - Hyperballad.. More projection.. and mountains!

Video Projection in TV ad's

Army Jobs TV ad

Love this stop frame animation, especially when the projector comes in.. its a similar way of working to an idea i've had for a while.


Why Music Matters - Sigur Ros

such a simple animation nicely done..

Bird Box alarm clock


Christopher Doyle / identity Guidelines

 Sydney-based designer Chris Doyle has obviously done too many large identity projects recently - he decided to create a set of guidelines for himself as he began wondering ‘how my personal identity would be documented if it were considered in graphic design terms’.
Download the PDF  Here



DJ MEHDI, Signatune from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

The music director Romain-Garvas has made some epic music video's, especially MIA's new single Born Free which has been banned from You Tube. Heres a classic which i think is very nicely shot.


New Balance, the past is the way forward..

Cannot find these for sale anywhere, any hints? 


Wrangler - Blue Bell

The website for the spring/summer collection is amazing. watch this space..


I went last year and loved the branding and graphics for the festival. Don't think i'll be there this year but this line up and poster looks good to me.  

Concept sketches for Twiggy App

A few ideas for movement and lighting when filming next week...


Iphone Stencil Kit please..

Just what I need, a stencil to help with iphone interface design.

Iphone and more stencil kits found here.

Folding Plug Wins Design Award

Last night, Britain's most prestigious design prize was awarded to a plug. At a ceremony at the Design Museum, the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year award was carried off by an unknown Korean who only graduated from the Royal College of Art last summer. Min-Kyu Choi was probably not the first person to notice the disparity between his Macbook Air laptop (thin enough to slide into a manila envelope) and the plug attached to it (so bulky you need a duffel bag). But he was certainly the first to sit down and redesign the plug so that it folds flat. This piece of electrical origami says all you need to know about the power of designers to transform our everyday world.

Personally, i think it will stop those unfortunate times when i don't have my glasses on and stand on an upturned plug, oouch!